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City of Milan_NEMR Buildout Notice


NEMR Telecom could begin as early as the week of May 17th the construction process to bring fiber internet availability to most if not all of the households and entities within Milan city limits.  This project is anticipated to last until November of this year. 

Please see the NEMR Press Release below and attached for more details.

Please note that during this period various areas each day could experience traffic delays or temporary road closures, and related issues common for such projects.  There is contact information for NEMR in the press release should you have questions/concerns. 

Also, as always, if you have questions/concerns/comments, please do not hesitate to contact us here at City Hall.


NEMR Press Release:

                                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

NEMR Telecom is bringing fiber optic high speed internet to Milan, Missouri.

Green City, MOContractors working for NEMR Telecom (Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone Company) will begin plowing the main line of fiber internet in the City of Milan as early as May 18, 2021 and plans to complete the project by early November of 2021.

This is exciting news for many residents, businesses, and NEMR Telecom.  High speeds up to 100/100 Mbps will be available for installation later this year.

Four Winds have been contracted to bury the main lines.  They plan to work M-Th, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. and half days on Fridays.  A representative from NEMR Telecom is contacting potential customers and is available to answer any questions or concerns. Look for a postcard in your mail with more information on NEMR’s high speed internet.

NEMR Telecom understands the frustrations from traffic delays and temporary street closing needed for contractors to bore under streets and sidewalks and move heavy equipment to various locations.   If you have concerns, please contact NEMR Telecom at 660-874-4111 or by emailing to [email protected].  A customer service representative will contact you during regular business hours.

Fiber optic internet is capable of extremely fast speeds.  Today’s homes and businesses are requiring faster speeds than wireless networks or the copper cables can provide.  Having fiber optic internet in the City of Milan benefits not only the residents but today’s businesses and the ability to bring even more businesses to the city in the future.